Saturday, November 18, 2006

Uncharted Path

How often have you ever been puzzled with dreams that looked so real? You were sure they did not come from records in your memory banks. Not from things that had ever happened in your life.

There were other dreams that made you confused. Seemingly you have ever experienced exactly the same things, but you couldn’t remember where and when.
Where were they from then?
Scientists and thinkers had done numerous researches and observations, and proposed theories and explanations about dreams. I propose a few thoughts.

Life provides choices. Each has its own unique path that will follow, and will produce different experiences and consequences.

My first girl friend chose to leave me and married with another man who could pour her with care and love, more than I could give.
A few months later, interestingly, a (more beautiful and smarter) girl chose to leave her boyfriend and finally married me. Twenty years later, today, they might both feel sorry…

By making those decisions, they chose completely different path of lives. They met different people, gave birth to different kids, went to different places, and encountered many other different things during the course of 20 years. Those small and big things certainly affected their heart, mind and soul, and contributed to who they are now.
Sometimes life drove you to certain directions that you didn’t intend to take. You were just forced to accept it. No choices.

You missed a plane, just to know a few hours later that it crashed, with no survivors.
Well, it only means that you still need to accomplish certain mission in your life. Once you’ve completed that personal mission, you will be counting your days.
In 1992, I got a job offer, in a famous dairy company. The employment agreement had been signed by both the director and me. I just needed to do medical examination, which was just a formality, according to the director.
I submitted my resignation letter to my boss.

After taking the medical examination, I was called by the expatriate, just to receive bad news. My medical examination results showed my SGOT and SGPT scores were slightly higher than normal values. They indicated my liver function was not in a good shape.

I was asked to see the company’s doctor, whom I used to visit when I was a medical representative, only to hear her authoritative statement that my employment was cancelled. No discussion.

Instead of getting a better career and salary, I was going to be jobless. On the way back home from the doctor’s practice, the invisible Force made me called my boss to withdraw the resignation letter. He could refuse my request, but he chose differently. A different path of life needed to be charted.

There were times when you refused to surrender to follow certain directions in life. You fought back. You won. You become what you are now.
Your dreams might be journeys that you failed to follow because of the choices you made, or because you were forced to follow other directions, or because you didn’t surrender and fought back to take your own preferred routes.

When your mind or heart was traveling to the past, your subconscious mind would then give you with free tours through your dreams to those uncharted paths.

Likewise when your mind travels to the future, your subconscious will bring you to one or more paths you may follow. Whether you will actually follow that path depends on those three major conditions.
If you have no dreams, you are a type of person whose mind and heart stay current. No worries, no dreams about the future. No regret, no excessive proud of the past.

When you were blessed with dreams, good or bad, traveling to the past or the future, accept it. Be grateful, since you had chances to see the uncharted path of lives. Dreams can be an indication that you are longing or fearing of something. You may not fully live your days.

All of these things happened partly because a man or a woman can only follow one path in their lives. We can’t take two different routes. We can't be in two places at one time, or can we?


  1. Pak Bambang..., your thought is touching and inspiring me who blessed with dreams, something that honestly sometime make me worry and fear. The goal of my dreams are invisible as dream its self is unreal. Dreams that followed by self realization and seeing thing happened as it is (not as what I hope), make me to keep my dreams till someday I need no dreams anymore then let it flows naturally...

    Hope I can share more ideas and thoughts with you...

  2. Yang anda katakan bermimpi tentang suatu kejadian atau berada dalam suatu keadaan yang seolah-olah pernah kita alami, namun kita lupa kapan dan di mana itu saya alami, tapi bukan dalam mimpi.

    Dulu saya sering tiba-tiba merasa bahwa saya sudah pernah mengalami saat itu untuk ketiga kalinya. Ketiga kalinya, bukan kedua kalinya. Kenapa merasa yang ketiga kalinya juga saya tidak tahu. Tak jarang ingatan itu berupa memori yang panjang sampai kejadian yang akan datang beberapa jam kemudianpun teringat. Dulu waktu SMP (MTs) di Tambak Beras, pernah beberapa kali saya keluar kelas dan pulang ke asrama pada jam terakhir. Karena saya sudah "mengalamai hari itu". Dan saya tahu, kalau jam terakhir bakal kosong. Saya juga ingat bahwa nanti di perempatan akan ketemu seseorang. Persis. Sungguh seperti mengulangi hari. Mungkin itu yang disebut orang sebagai deja vu? Devine Inspiration? Yang jelas, "pengulangan kejadian" tersebut membuat saya percaya bahwa Tuhan itu ada. tadinya, sungguh,,, meskipun dari kecil "dipaksa" belajar mengaji dan sholat, otak saya tidak bisa menerima adanya Tuhan yang "tak terbayangkan" itu.

    Saat itu sungguh otak kecil saya - waktu itu sekitar kelas 4 SD, saya tidak ingat pasti, pertama kali mengalami itu - tidak bisa menerima bahwa ada suatu dzat yang mauwjuud tanpa ada sesuatu yang mendahuluinya untuk membuatnya terwujud. Bagaimana sesuatu bisa ada tanpa ada bahan untuk membuatnya ada. Mana mungkin bisa ada "sesuatu" yang tiba-tiba muncul di saat segala sesuatu, bahkan "awang-awang" belum ada. Persepsi tentang Tuhan sungguh sesuatu yang absurd bagi saya waktu itu. Di usia saya yang masih dini, saya belum mendengar tentang "istihaalat al tasalsul". Bahwa seandainya Tuhan itu ada yang menciptakan, maka si pencitpanya Tuhan itu juga harus ada yang menciptakan. Demikian seterusnya dan membuatnya semakin tidak masuk akal. Tapi saat itu saya tidak sampai berfikir kesitu. yang saya fikirkan adalah, mana mungkin ada "sesuatu" tiba-tiba meng-ada.

    Hubungan pengalaman ini dengan kepercayaan adanya Tuhan adalah "perenungan" saya ketika mengalami hal itu. Kalau Tuhan itu tidak ada,, lalu apa yang saya alami itu? Siapa yang memasukkan memori di kepala saya tentang hari yang saya "ulangi" itu? Saya sungguh tidak bermimpi. Berarti memang ada "sesuatu" yang berada di luar jangkauan indera kita. Sesuatu yang Ghaib.

    But it wasn't a dream. It was "pengulangan kejadian". Setelah usia saya di atas 20 tahun, saya jarang mengalami hal itu lagi. kalaupun terjadi hal itu, ingatan tentang apa yang pernah (akan?) terjadi itu tidak lama, paling hanya 10 detik kedepan saya masih ingat apa yang akan terjadi. Padahal dulu bisa mengingat kejadian-kejadian yang akan datang berjam-jam lagi.

    Anda pernah mengelami hal tersebut Pak?

  3. Bung Alex, kadang saya pun merasakan adanya apa yang bung Alex sebut sebagai "pengulangan kejadian", namun tidak yakin benar apakah itu dari dunia nyata atau dari mimpi.
    Terima kasih telah berbagi.

  4. Bung Nata, thanks for the kind words.
    The dreams, in someway, reflected the wildest imagination that you have. It's a blessed instead of a cursed.

    For John, thanks for the nice words, and for the visit. Cheers.

  5. waaaahhh..
    siapa yah mantan pacar yang meninggalkan anda..?
    dan siapa juga yang meninggalkan mantan pacarnya demi anda...? *muka sok polos*

    eniwei,, soal ditinggalkan dan meninggalkan itu boleh juga tuh.. ceritakan pada saya yah *gossip face mode : on* lumayan siapa tau ada PH yang tertarik beli ceritanya buat dibikin sinetron *gyhahahahha*

    tak jelas

    i'm quit..

  6. Great post thanks for it!

  7. setiap orang pasti pernah bermimpi baik itu mimpi indah maupun mimpi buruk tergantung masing2 orang untuk menyikapi hal tersebut, kalo saya seh sulit untuk percaya sama mimpi gak tau kenapa yah??