Saturday, December 16, 2006

Corruption & the Deadly Sins

International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December 2006 marks three years since the signing conference for the United Nations Convention against Corruption was held in Mérida, Mexico in 2003. We support the movement, with the hope that the will be embezzled fund can be used to improve quality of public services and people welfare, among others.

When we talk corruption, normally we directed our fingers towards government officials. People staged demonstration in front of government offices and vented angers to the head of state for doing lousy job to curb rampant corruption.

I believe that's not fair. The culprits are not only government officials, and the responsibilities shall be shared. Besides, we’ve been protesting and shouting for years with little effect. Is there any other way in combating corruption?

Indonesians are familiar with mo-limo, a Javanese teaching on the five deadly sins.

  • maling (take other people’s belonging, stealing),

  • madon (act of extra-marital sex, adultery),

  • madat (act that cause loss of mind, drugs),

  • minum (act that cause loss of mind, drinks),

  • main (act that lot fate, gambling),

People are born with complete set of traits, good and bad, including mo-limo. Parents, neighborhood, social circles, education, reading and viewing habits, may affect people tendency to certain element in the mo-limo.

Nobody’s perfect. A person can be strict on one thing but very lenient on others, influenced by repeated experiences and the way he or she interprets and reflects to the situations.

High class corrupters can be very tough in dealing with drug abusers, such as some of judges; true gamblers do not cheat nor steal money; drug users may hate liquors; drinkers do not take drugs; women chasers hate corruptors, and so forth.

Some of those who staged demonstrations to hang corruptors are those who were strongly rejected pornography bill that would curb pornographic act.

Can we eradicate mo-limo from earth? We can’t, of course. Hence eradicating corruption is just a slogan. What we shall do is to control the magnitude by introducing completely transparent processes, systems and procedures. Reward and punishment shall also be improved and executed.

Corruption, as well as the other mo-limo elements, is a complex social and moral problem. We shall not hate corruptors, and other sinners. They are just human. We just need to deal with the root causes and work on it, one by one, day by day.

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  1. Corruption is the source of deadly sins. Situations are different but we can relate.


  2. Thanks and keep up the good work

  3. Korupsi, ketidak-adilan, kemiskinan, kebodohan, mbulet saling berkaitan.

    Kalau kita disuruh milih mana yang harus didahulukan; ekonomi, pendidikan, kesehatan atau keamanan. kita juga bingung. MEmang idealnya harus jalan berasama-sama. Tapi kalau kita harus memilih salah satu atau salah dua?

    KEbodohan ada hubungannya dengan kemiskinan, jadi kita urusi dulu masalah kemiskinan apa kebodohannya? Padahal energi kita, kemampuan kita saat ini terbatas banget.

    Demokrasi penuh dengan keadaan ekonomi dan keamanan seperti sekarangg ini atau stabilitas untuk mencapai kekuatan ekonomi dulu? Pernah melirik China?

    Walah embuh,,, aku berdoa aja dan selalu berusaha berbuat sesuatu untuk bangsa. lagi juthek. Eh,,, lagi merasa seneng dan sedikit bagga dengan hasil kerja KPK, Bolak balik si jusuf kalla nggembosi. Bilang KPK bikin takut pengusaha dan pejabat. Maksudeeeee??????????

    Om, itu foto-foto,, sampeyan yang jepret? Bagus tuh,,,

  4. s.bshrestha: aggree that corruption can bring people to commit other deadly sins; it can also be the other way around.

  5. izzy: Thanks, and wish you all the best.

  6. bung Alex:
    Demokrasi, pendidikan (termasuk menggairahkan riset), dan keamanan akan menunjang ekonomi dan kesehatan.

    Kebodohan berhubungan dengan paradigma, dan kemauan. Orang miskin banyak yang (atau menjadi) pintar, dan orang kaya yang bodoh juga tidak sedikit.

    Kita telah mengalami stabilitas tanpa demokrasi selama lebih dari 32 puluh tahun, hasilnya adalah represi dan korupsi yang tak terkendali.

    Foto-foto itu memang hasil jepretan saya. Semoga bisa menggugah. Salam.

  7. I always thinking that corruption is virus. Once infected then spread easily. It's difficult to get rid of it. It took years and years to just clean it up. Start from ourself.

  8. everyone /says/ they are against corruption, but if you've bought a pirated DVD you support corruption, you are contributing to the bribery of customs officials, police, movie studio employees etc. etc.

    words are easy, actions aren't. corruption won't go away as long as there are those who buy something as simple as a pirated DVD.

  9. Jeng Ambar:
    Corruption and all the other deadly sins are contagious. Hence not to be too close with the perpetrators will certainly help.

  10. "It's about paradigm and chances, and the ability to resist the tempation."

    No it's about right or wrong. It's actually very black and white. With the corrupt or against.

    You buy one pirated DVD you vote /for/ continuing corruption. Maybe you don't realise it, but you are.

  11. johnford:
    It's about paradigm and chances, and the ability to resist the temptation.

  12. Mas Aroen, I can go along with your statement that corruption is a complex and social problem. But in dealing with its root causes we should have strong commitment and do business unusual with energy plus and integrity.

  13. "What we shall do is to control the magnitude by introducing completely transparent processes, systems and procedures. Reward and punishment shall also be improved and executed."

    100% aggre n also + Hukuman yang seberat-beratnya kayak di RRC, tembak mati seluruh keluarganya ...

  14. If poverty finally get eliminated, do you think the economy will run smoothly tho?

  15. Bung Aris:
    Absolutely agree with your points. KPK seems functioning, but I was thinking to have another KPK: Komisi Pencegahan Korupsi, which is more on the prevention side.

    Di Cina pakai model Sun Tzu ya, kalau sudah dibilangin dan dikasih contoh dua kali tetep bandel, langsung dieksekusi. Yang lain pasti mengkeret.

    Bung Yodee:
    Fortunately we live in an imperfect world. When we have eliminated poverty, which we can’t achieve it completely anyway, there’ll still be other tough challenges that affect the economy.

    There’ll always be interesting things in life to deal with.