Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sleepless lately?

A few weeks back I stopped by at Taman Suropati with the intention to take photos of Pangeran Diponegoro sculpture, which has been posted at Statues of Jakarta.

While walking to the statue, I noticed that there were two old men sleeping soundly in the park. One laying on the grass with his head on a stone, while the other one was sleeping on his side at a park bench. I decided to take their photos.

Definitely they had no fear sleeping on a public place alone. They were poor people, maybe homeless, and hence they might not have any valuable belongings with them. They had no worries for being seen by other people either. They had no burden at all, not in their pockets, not in their minds.

Didn't they have problems? Sure they did, from basic things such as what to eat when they woke up, to any mundane problems. Appearance, however, can be deceiving, as these people could be a lot wiser than any popular preachers that we frequently see on TV.

A friend had once been in the Suropti park alone, sitting for a few hours, feeling confused and depressed. She was approached by one of the old men, who greeted her, gave her teh Botol Sosro, and asked whether she's OK. She's not, but then she felt very comfortable to tell the old man all of her problems, until she burst into tears.

The old man just listened silently, gave no judgements. Finally he only said that with all her problems that she's facing, a blessing was awaiting her in a few months to come, and advised her to go home. He refused to receive the money she gave to pay the teh Botol. She left the park with a much lighter heart and mind. She got what the old men told her in less than three months.

They are not psychiatrist nor psychologist. They give no advice, no expensive drugs to tame your emotion, and no consultation charge for you to pay. They are just mere observers, of life. Crawlers of the streets and parks. Yet, you may want to talk to one of these people if you were sleepless lately.

Who knows that probably you can learn some of their wisdom.

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  1. tears stream down my face...

  2. Sometimes we're having sleepless nights for reasons that we should be ashamed of - reasons that probably are nothing compared to others'... a friend once blogged.

    I think realizing that we are generally more fortunate than most of people in the world would help a bit...

  3. that's a great post.

    unfortunately here in dublin a percentage of homeless are drunk or whatever, so that adds an extra barrier...

  4. sometime when I saw those pic with the topic "hunger", "poor", it make me realise that how lucky I am, and this motivate me to presious my life and family more.

  5. They were taught by nature, they might not able to live to the fullest, but their hearts are precious.

  6. sometimes we feel wiser than the poor like them, in fact, we even poorer in insight :)

  7. I think no matter where we are... we always find a large number of homeless, jobless people. May be it is natural??

  8. oooh so nice..... sometimes what we need is only a good listener.

  9. object bagus...tapiiiii sedih...abis segitu banyak homeless yg memang homeless bener2 seh di Indonesia....ngga kaya di Canada homeless berarti memang mereka mau kerja

  10. poor old man...
    when i see an old man being homeless and have no one to take care of him, i always feel gratefull that my pops had us, his family, wife, son and daughter, grandchilds, to take care of him untill his last breath..

  11. Kalo di negara bersalju ga mungkin bisa survive ya.. karena bisa mati kedinginan..

  12. mereka emang penuh kebijaksanaan. di mana tidak ada kekuatiran...
    bumi begitu luas menerima mereka, langit membentang peneduh mereka..
    semoga mereka selalu terlindungi.. itu saja doa saya...

  13. he is the one that gives us big mirror how to be a human and what the meaning of "rich" is.....

  14. wisdom is not the property of kings and presidents. the lowest strata of people's demographics sometimes possesses more than those on kingly thrones. great post!

  15. good post... it is the problem of our country that homeless people are not treated well even not welcome in our society. one look at them, people will judge that they are a lazy person, don't want to work or anything. but if they look a little closer probably the will find that those people are the same like us and only need a helping hand.

  16. We can find wisdom anywhere and in anyone. Nice post mr. Bambang.

  17. Kebijaksanaan ada di mana-mana, kalau kita mau untuk lebih rendah hati untuk mendengar dan melihat, maka kita akan belajar banyak.

  18. Sedih rasanya melihat mereka harus menjalani masa tuanya tanpa memiliki tempat penampungan yang layak tuk dihuni. Seandainya saja masing2 pejabat negara tahu posisi dan amanah yg diembannya, mungkin erderly ini tidak harus menjalani hidup sekeras ini.....
    Nice pic Mr.Aroengbinang^_^

  19. aroengbinang5:32 AM

    @FUel: blessed you, and them.

    @bleu: that's very true. besides, problems will help us to always be a better person, and get another more sophisticated ones.

    @johnorford: that's not easy; but they may only want to forget their misery.

    @nicknooo: yeah, so many lessons and encouragments available around us; we just need to open our eyes, mind, and heart.

    @wayan: nature gives the greatest lessons for people who listen to it.

    @Putirenobaiak: it's true, we shall respect people, regardless their economic conditions

    @Bakhrian syah: it is natural, we can't eliminate it; still, the government and the society have join responsibilities to handle it properly

    awi: agree jeng; so many people are dying because of nobody wants to listen to them.

    @amethys: kapan2 kalo mudik ditengokin ya jeng, disapa...

    @Kana Haya: that's very nice.

    @Tina: ho'oh jeng, alam kita masih belum sekejam itu; meski belakangan banyak bencana juga

    @MAY'S: iya jeng, doa dan sedikit dorongan yg mereka butuhkan.

    @endangwithnadina: yupe, for us to be grateful and to do some social works.

    @alexandrite: the different is that a wise rich people can do more to help others

    @Agus Sanjaya: yupe, I learned the "appearance can be deceiving" from the aladdin movie. it's very true.

    @Alex Ramses: wish that we could be more frequent in using our eyes and ears.

    @sinceyen: iya jeng, kerendahan hati itu pelru untuk menerima wisdom, dari siapa pun itu

    @Aya Nurdin: ho'oh jeng, yuk jadi pejabat yg punya nurani...