Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wishes for Jakarta's Governor

Jakartans are going to vote for the new governor position on August 8, 2007. This will be the first time ever that the Governor of Jakarta will be elected directly by the people.

On June 20, draft of voters' name list will be announced. If my name is not listed, I still have 3 days to report it. I will use my rights, hope you will do the same.

It's more than 22 years I have been living in Jakarta, and it's not always an easy life. It took me a few months to get a front-liner job, married, changed job, lost the job when my first kid was still a baby, got another job after few months, got another two more kids, changed job three times, lost the job again, wasted time for a failed partnership business, and finally life brought me to a company where I'm working now.

It's not over yet though. I'll never know what will happen tomorrow, next few weeks, months, or years. Things can change dramatically, in a day. Still, I may live in Jakarta for another 3 - 5 years, until my youngest son graduated from senior high school, then I may move to Cibubur to get a fresher air. Hence, as a Jakartans and a citizen, I want to voice my wishes for Jakarta's Governor and the city administration in general.

  1. Flood control
    Completion of East Flood Canal Project is one of the crucial projects that need to be completed immediately. I pass Cassablanca street everyday, and up until now I haven't seen high level of activities to speed it up.
    Hope it's not because people think that the big flood will only come in another five years.
    Personal attention from the governor is needed to clear up any hindrances.
    Creation of absorption wells needs to be socialized and guided to all housing complexes in the city.

  2. Inner-City Toll Road
    Take time to sit down at 9-Clouds, Wisma Jamsostek 9th floor, Gatot Subroto, and watch traffic at the toll road between 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., while enjoying drinks and food. It's a hell of a toll road. Cars can only move at the speed of snails. Tons of gasolines are wasted every day. Millions of people getting older faster, less patients, less quality time with the family and friends. What a life.

    Cawang interchange has to undergo major reconstruction changes. Bottleneck at the toll section near Taman Mini shall be cleared up. A one way toll road, from currently two, to circle Jakarta can be considered, at least for certain hours.

  3. Trans-Jakarta bus, Monorail, Subway
    Trans-Jakarta project is quite promising, only needs continuous improvements on number of buses, better scheduling, more convenient arrangements of passengers inside the bus and at the bus stops, additional bus-way corridors, integration with Monorail, Subway and other modes of transportation.

    Car parks in certain locations need to be provided, so that people will be encouraged to use Trans-Jakarta buses instead of driving their private cars into the city.

  4. More City Parks and Cultural Buildings
    It's really nice that Jakartans recently got the Menteng Park at the heart of the city. We need more, and faster. People productivity, tolerance and happiness are highly influenced by the surroundings.

    Taman Ismail Marzuki and Gedung Kesenian Jakarta shall be revitalized. We need more such places in the five mayoralties to make it closer to people and give opportunities to more groups to peform.

    It's nice to able to see a cultural event together with the governor. It’s even better if the governor can spend time to talk to people, listening to their problems or expectations and address those issues immediately. Once in a month or two months would be sufficient.

I may have a list of another ten of wishes or more, and add them later, but I would also like to know whether you have some unfulfilled wishes that the new governor needs to listen to.

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  1. As many cities in Indonesia, they are lack of 'public' amenities, the government policy developed in "pro-market" manners, In jakarta, 'situ' converted to a shopping mall and residencial housing, they don't realized that Jakarta is sinking. In Bali I saw the same things. Denpasar is way too much motors and cars, traffic jam, there are rapid ruko and shopping malls development, Bali need a good public transportation system, Bali need inexpensive cultural parks or city parks for its inhabitants.

    Hopefully your next governor listen to you wishes .

  2. well, i wil run for governor election then, vote me sir

  3. Pesan : pilih gubernur yang cerdas, jangan yang cerdik.

    Jangan pilih berdasarkan program2 angin sorga. Pilih berdasarkan hati nurani kita semua.

  4. btw, aku masih bisa milih gak yahh...kan aku warga jakarta...aku dari lahir tinggal di jakarta..cuma sekarang aja lagi merantau...

  5. Bagaimana dengan parkir mobil dan premanisme?

  6. aku dukung banget deh, terutama ama "more city park and cultural buildings", and of course public transportations also.

  7. wah saya gak bisa milih gubernur DKI nich, walau punya KTP DKI. Btw saya ingin Gubernur DKI mendatang dapat juga menciptakan pelayanan administratif yang mudah dan transparan, misalnya dalam membuat KTP, Akte kelahiran, surat-surat ijin dlsb.

  8. dezz gak ikutan milih..
    jakarta cuma tempat tinggal setengah hari aja setiap hari hehe...

    met wiken

  9. aku dah di cibubur....heheheh, salam aja ya buat jagoannya nanti.

  10. Madsyair4:10 PM

    Jakarta punya masalah yang kompleks. Pilih gubernur yang bisa mengurangi masalah, bukannya menambah masalah. Menyelesaikan masalah tanpa masalah. Terima kasih atas kunjungannya di blog saya.

  11. Anonymous12:13 AM

    You need to concentrate on water and sewage purification.

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  13. lihat sekarang jakarta bagaimana setelah gubernur sudah di ganti