Friday, June 08, 2007

The Root of Happiness

People say that eyes are the window of a person’s heart. I agree, as long as it doesn’t claim that eyes are the only window available. By looking at people’s eyes, however, we can also take a guess of how smart he or she is.

Action speaks louder than words, stronger than eyes. So, to me action is the door to a person’s inner world. I can enter easier into a person’s heart by being in action in a couple of different circumstances with a person.

Whilst words, as appearance, can be deceiving, actions can be deceiving too, but it may tell a lot more about a person’s value and personalities. What we say is one thing, but what we do normally has a lot more dire consequences.

Happiness deals with a person’s heart. It’s also, however, highly affected by conditions of mind and soul. Conditions of body is another factor, but a person can still be perfectly happy regardless his or her body’s condition. It’s a mindset game; it’s how we see things that will make a difference.

Let’s ask ourselves whether we are happy persons, and why. Most of the answers are probably not quite that convincing. What’s the problem? Well, these are some of the possibilities:
  1. We seldom look into our inventories.
    Things that we have possessed or acquired to this date. Make a list, and we will be very surprised. Degrees we earned, places we visited, people we met, jobs we’ve ever been in, family we belongs to, food we enjoyed, goods and books we purchased, contributions we’ve given to the society, etc.
    Then, we need to look around, to the horizon, to the ravines. We may look to the sky also, but don’t be too long.

  2. We seldom ask ourselves things that we should do or should accomplish, or we shouldn’t do, that will make us happy or a little happier.
    We haven’t spent enough time to explore about who we are and who we want to be, what we want to possess and why, where we want to go and when and how, whom we want to be associated with, and so forth.
    Once we have identified them, only then we can work on them, one at a time.

  3. We might become a victim.
    We let other people control our lives, our future. We are forced to follow directions that are not in-line with our aspirations, and yet we do not dare to speak up, to voice out our feelings, our beliefs and do not ready yet to take consequences that will follow.
    In this case, we may need to formulate the arguments. Think about the package. Packaging is sometimes a lot more powerful than the content. It’s the way we convey it. Timing is also a crucial factor. The rest is our fate.

That’s a little breakfast for the mind. Now, would you mind sharing with me, and with the rest of the world, of what you think about the root of happiness, and unhappiness? I will listen.


  1. rasanya bahagia itu kalau kita bisa memaknai segala yang kita hadapi dengan senyum, bahkan untuk kepedihan sekalipun. Karena dalam senyum itu, pastinya ada keyakinan bahwa kepedihan yg kita terima pun adalah salah satu bagian dari rejeki kita.

    Ini sebagian aja yang saya pelajari dan akan terus saya pelajari

  2. betul pak, habit dan attitude itu lebih mencerminkan daripada mata...karena kadang mata bisa membohongi...
    dan yg paling real adalah efek yg kita rasakan dari action orang dibandingkan juga dgn norma yang kita sepakati..

    salam kenal.

  3. for me,
    unhappiness = wailing for things I have/don't have yet do nothing constructive towards changing the present state of things (usually generated from a sense of lacking)
    happiness = stop being unhappy, occupy myself with improving others' quality of life and watch myself feeling grateful for making others' lives more beautiful.

    (sekarang waktunya breakfast for the stomach nih, perut udah keroncongan hehe :p)

  4. right! action speaks louder, this is my principal, and I kept remining myself on this to keep me up perform in my work.

  5. happiness: when i look at Wina

    unhappines : when i think about Indonesia (leaders, please act!)

    Eyes definitely is someone's window. you can know someone's genuine characters just by looking at their eyes, especially when you talk loooong & they're listening, hahaha

    Action? hard to find a 'genuine' action back home. look at our governments and society! and i guess not much of you out there working the job of your dream.

    Of course, action speaks louder than words. but i don't think that action is the door to someone's INNER world. to me it's just a door to someone's world.

  6. Anonymous11:38 AM

    bahagia menurut saya adalah ketika seseorang :

    1. gak mandek di masa lalu
    orang yang pikirannya melulu di masa lalu pasti gak bahagia dengan apa yang dia dapet skarang.

    2. memikirkan jauh ke masa depan
    orang yang terus mikirin masa depan juga akan terus mengejar kebahagiaan masa depan dan berpikir kalo skarang dia kurang bahagia.

    kenapa sekarang? karna kalo sekarang aja kebahagiaan terganggu oleh dua hal diatas, gimana kita bisa yakin bisa bahagia kemarin ato bsok?

  7. sip, saya setuju sekali mas..

  8. I think the root of happiness is how you feel about yourself. The eyes are the windows to the soul. When one looks in the mirror does one see happiness? Share it. Or do you see despair and unhappiness? Then look into the eyes of another that is happy, they will share. I see happiness.

  9. senja9:43 PM

    setuju, soalnya klo lagi ngantuk mah mata bukan jadi jendela hati...hehehe

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  11. jadi inget peribahasa yg dikasih guru saya dulu...'a person in need is a person indeed' (moga2 betul gitu :)

    I agree with you, most important thing is what one did, not just what he told

    however, the blind can't see other's eyes...but feel what other did to them

  12. nice breakfast bang aroeng, sayangnya saya baru selesai makan siang nih.

    to me, the root of happiness is when I found value of myself and how it is so meaningful to others.


  13. saya bicara tentang happiness aza ya. jangan berikan syarat bagi kebahagiaan (misalnya kita bisa bahagia jika ....). kita harus memutuskan untuk bahagia, maka apapun yang terjadi kita akan bahagia.

  14. Mata adalah jendea hati, hmmm...setuju mas aroeng, soalnya kalo aya lagi boong atau gak jujur bisa langsung kelihatan dari mata, pasti jadi gak berani ngeliat org yg sedang dibohongi, hehehe...

    Trus things that make aya happy? So far kebahagiaan yg paling dalam aya rasakan ada dua, pertama saat melihat orangtua aya tersenyum dgn achievement yg aya raih dengan usaha sendiri, kedua saat aya bisa memberikan kontribusi bagi org lain yg benar-benar membutuhkan. Rasanya senaaaaang banget kalo keberadaan kita ternyata memberi arti bagi kehidupan org lain^_^

  15. Very Well said, very well said.

    ~Jennie S. Bev

  16. For me happiness is when I can be so thankful for what I have at this moment.