Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A view of what life is

Let's just stop for a while to contemplate, let our minds be free from things that have been bothering us lately; things that have made us feel unhappy, unsecure, made us feel like a loser, a loner in a world full of strangers.

In The Root of Happiness, I mentioned some of the common things that might have affected people, such as rarely looking at our inventories, not knowing what makes us a little happier and hence couldn't work on it, and not taking responsibilities of our own lives.

In the Uncharted Path I mentioned about the need to accept yesterday, live up the very day of today, and not to install worries today of things that may happen tomorrow.

It’s quite true, that those things are much easier to convey or say than to accept or do when we face the realities of life, but what life is anyway?

Here are a few thoughts.

It’s a game with a universal set of rules where winners, losers and spectators can change positions any time. There are unlimited number of battlefields to choose, each has its own additional specific rules, and people may switch from one battlefield to another as many as they want, or just stick with one for the rest of their lives.

It’s a huge performance stage with an invisible Director, with no script available, and players keep on looking and guessing their true roles. Some might feel that they have found it early in their lives, others might just realize it at the very late stage, and there are group of people that might have never been thinking at all the very reason of their existence.

It’s training and learning ground for those who have sharp observations and analytical minds. It’s an open school and universities without boundaries where people can attend classes just by looking and or moving around and capture key learning points with their eyes, ears, hearts, minds and souls. The farther they go, the more people they meet, the more new knowledge they may posses, and the more new skills they may acquire. But none is without a price.

It’s a gigantic charity ground, with numerous numbers of areas and places where people with generous hearts and minds may offer their contributions, in any possible forms, to the local society or to the world’s community. A personal experience, sometimes an extremely bitter and painful one, may change a person's mindset or paradigm. Life will then be dedicated for helping others, be it for human beings, animals, or nature.

It’s a mysterious arduous journey along bumpy roads with so many unpredictable branches where people need to make decisions from time to time which road to travel, which road to avoid, and have to face consequences that will follow. During the short journey, people meet, create and share stories, and then go to different directions, or loop back, until the final curtain falls.

It’s where heavens and hells exist side by side, with no walls in between. Today’s heaven can be tomorrow’s hell. No permanent stay. No official ticket needed to enter the gates, as each person can create their own. The level of its sweetness or bitterness can become higher or lower, depends on how good people develop their bodies, hearts, minds, and souls. No limit, either way.

It’s an invisible book where people can write on it with their own hands and become the master of their destinies, or let other people write on it for them and just become living puppets with no independent minds. Whilst no ink can be erased once it’s applied on the book, an unlimited number of fresh new pages are always available for people to start new clean episodes at anytime they want.

Now, it will be quite interesting to know what life means to you. As usual, I will listen.

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  1. mas Bambang, kok pas-pasan saya posting mirip2. Ada hubungannya dikit2 tp ga 100%. Mampir2 yah, kalo sempet.. :)

    Pokoknya, kesimpulan dan pendek kat: for me, life is all about LOVE. To love and to rely on love. Hidup cinta! :)

  2. Anonymous9:38 PM

    The human race is truly a wondrous one, with so many shades and features.

  3. wahh.. salam kenal untuk nadia febina. saya juga berguru sama Pak Bambang.


  4. keren banget tulisanmu, bikin kita berpikir, aku setuju bgt ama ini "The farther they go, the more people they meet, the more new knowledge they may posses, and the more new skills they may acquire. But none is without a price." thanks anyway

  5. kata mang ujang, hidup itu untuk makan
    kata haji nasir, makan itu untuk hidup
    kata gw, hidup itu buat ngejalanin hal-hal yang fantastik dan selalu menarik untuk disimak bahkan dihadapi

  6. "It’s a game with a universal set of rules where winners, losers and spectators can change positions any time "

    saya seneng kata kata ini,sebuah kesuksesan bukan masalah siapa yang paling pintar tapi hanya maslah pergiliran (siapa yang sedang mendapat giliran)

    siapa saja bisa mendapat kesempatan menang ataupun kalah

  7. Hidup buat saya kurang lebih sama seperti yang mas bambang ilustrasikan.

    In brief, life for me is a journey to a higher self.

  8. aroengbinang8:04 PM

    @nadia febina:
    cinta memang membius jeng :)

    Agree that the human race is truly a wondrous, and so is nature ...

    makasih ada yg nganggep guru :); keep the independent mind.

    makacih juga jeng, I always appreciate your comments

    akur, kata2 yang asik :)

    Iya, tjokro penggilingan, menurut falsafah jawa.

    @-Fitri Mohan-:
    Ho'oh jeg, namun perjalanan yg sering harus turun derajat dulu sebelum bisa naik ke tataran yang lebih tinggi.