Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heaven for All

It is human when people praise a hero and condemn the villain, admire a saint and despise evil doer. It is also equally human, however, to act the other way around. Good and evil persons are often products of times and positions, either from the point of view of just a gang of people or allies of several nations. A person, hence, can be both a hero and an evil doer. Sometimes it is also just the way people see things, and a little sense of humor can make a big difference.

In politics, a person can be a respected warrior of freedom and a leader of a rebel gang. It depends on which position we stand or we choose. We can also choose a third position, the neutral one. The time we see good and bad people as products of position, history or actors of grand script if you like, we can emotionally detach from their behaviors and results of their actions.

Whilst people in general have room to exercise their free will, at certain point of time they have to follow the grand script, things that were written before it happens. Hence, how could we put all the blame on the actors that were required to perform their roles to compose the history? We can't blame the script maker and the life Director either, as there always be good reasons behind things.

When we don't take sides, chances that we can be a better learner, get the lessons without being emotionally affected and hence avoid judgment. Both good and evil persons are teachers, send clear and vague lessons through their behaviors and acts. They just apply different approach and method to help the faithful learners go to the next level of life university.

The problems are quite often in the learners' sides who tend to see things in either black or white, ignoring the greys and all the colors in between. By acting that way, they miss the valuable lessons from both sides of the paradox, and blinded by their own beliefs.

Hence, good and evil doers can both be dwellers of heaven, with a transit time in hell perhaps. They did what the history of mankind requested them to do, and to provide lessons to those who survive. The only difference will probably be on the integrity of the actors, the sound inside the hearts, and the way they deliver the mission.

The moral is for us not to judge and despise a person, a culture, a belief, a religion, based on where we stand or based solely on our beliefs and values, and throw critics, despise and preach the infidels, the evil doers, and feel proud as if we have done something good to the society and God, whilst in fact we create damages. After all, we are not the one who will determine who will go to heaven or hell.


  1. postingan ini apa artinya yach?huakkkaakkkkk... i can speak english, jus litlle bit.huaha..ha... tiap kali kesini, aku selalu disuguhi lingis.


  2. Duhhh, posting kali ini menohok perutku sekali... I'm a Sinner, that's the only thing I can say...

    But, I learned a lot from my mistakes,.. or might be other's mistakes... And that makes me "different" than before... (hopely better... I don't know... because sometimes when I think that I've done my best... my right,... people tend to see it wrong... And judging me as the devil... who can lead people to hell... Gosh...)

    Still upset... frankly speaking, I've been through many judgement like this on blogging... dan rasanya... saya udah mulai males menulis. Kehilangan ide aja... takut malah makin ngelukain banyak orang... :-(

    Gimana cara numbuhin semangatnya lagi yach.. sumpah... kayak ban sepeda kena paku aja saya ini sekarang... (masyaolohhhh, maaf pakdhe... Nyolong2 curhat... :-) )

    yg lagi stress,

  3. @Kristina DIAN Safitry: lhah iya jeng, wong aku blum blajar bahasa hong kong poq; pakai bahasa linggis masih lumayan ngerti kan he..he...

    @silly: he...he..., kalau saja tahu bahasa banyumasan nduk, pasti saya kasih lawakannya peyang penjol yg baru saja dapat dari temen :D. Wis break dulu sana sbentar, biar gisep udara segar, sambil membuang hawa busuk dari dalam tubuh... keep going..!!

  4. YEeeehaaaH! i'll choose to be the villain... HOHOHO (*evil laugh)

    Just kidding...
    I understand the moral from this article, and yes i agree with you on this... let's just say i don't criticize people, just gave them a supportive critics... and i don't care about other's critics either about me cuz' they all can go to hell (hehe) although it is God decision not me...

    okie... got it Mr.B

  5. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Ghanzarya Shandaharo said: " We all go to hell... Everyone goes to hell.
    Hell is the place where we wash our sins off and get our soul's pure.
    You can not go to heaven with a dirty impure soul.
    Therefore you have to go to hell first to wash your soul and sins."
    How about that???

  6. I dont care about other people's sins.....

  7. @Trisna: he...he.... u feel good to be the villain ya (kidding 'oge'...)

    @Anonymous: one way or the other, every person has ever experienced the sweet taste of hell during his or her lifetime. So I guess you are right...:)

    @endang: agree jeng, we should be busy to think about cleaning up our sins instead of fussing others'

  8. Just got here out of the blue :) . Guess gonna love to be here when time permits.

    A bit heavy article, don't you think?

    I'm afraid I've been a 'learner', as you described, in the bad sense. I keep my perk on the fence, watching life goes, not wanting or afraid to jump in life's wagon or to take sides. I can preach of wisdom from my watching. Yet, I lack of life's bitter sweet experiences.

    Now, I'm just trying to act more instead of watch. I try to be the hero (or might be the villain) of my own life. No more observer of life. Let other do the observing :) .

    Now, there goes my mumbling. . . .

  9. Tapi kalo di jakarta susah mas kayak gitu..

  10. @Ming: thanks for stopping by; yeah, it's a bit heavy I guess. Probably only those who are going to pursue the sufi way will agree with that :)

    Once in a while yes we need or we were forced to take sides, physically and maybe verbally, and once we do that it's also a bit tough to make our heart, mind and soul neutral. Still, that way of thinking will help a little bit to ease the pains.

    It's a choice whether we want to be players or observers, and both are indispenable, and we can always switch positions. Imagine a footbal match without spectators and commentators, or music concert without audience and critics. Some are better than others in certain roles...

    @manler: di mana2 keknya gak gampang deh bung ; gak peduli negara maju atau berkembang...

  11. Sometimes it is wise to step back and be neutral. It gives a better perspective of life. Then we can better decide which side it is worth supporting. Everyone wants similar things in life. It is how we go about getting them that distinguishes our values.

  12. @Ken Albin: hi Ken, one of the most difficult things is to separate us from the rest of the group and be neutral for a while. Sometimes the momentum doesn't allow us to do so, or else we'll be crushed by its power.