Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Books to Share

One of the most important, easiest, but most boring roles that I play regularly at home is to throw or give away stuff, any kind of stuff, that had been in the house for years but nobody use and care about them anymore, and they would stay exactly where they were for years to come, had I had not found better places for them, outside the house.

There's always a sensible limit that a house can accommodate goods, old and new, no matter how big the house is. One day you surely need to apply a stricter rule: you can bring any new stuff into your house only when you give away the equal number of the old ones. This way, you can maintain a healthy size of space in your home.

Now, let's talk about books. There are books that had been sitting idle for months in my bookshelves, either at home or at my office. I was thinking that these books might be more useful had I shared with others, either swap them with other persons' books, or just give them away to those who might need them.

With that idea in mind, I invite TAP listeners to see some of my books which can be swapped with yours. You need, however, to be an Indonesian citizen living in Indonesia, or else there should be workable arrangements.

What you need to do are:
  1. Register at Goodreads if you haven't had an account, and then start adding books into your bookshelves, which is quite easy at Goodreads.

  2. Mark the books that you want to swap. Go to "Friends", click "books my friends have to swap", click "Edit which books you have to swap", and mark your books

  3. Go to "Friends", and click "Add friends", and type my email address: and hit "find friend", and add me.
  4. After being confirmed, visit Aroengbinang's bookshelves at Goodreads, or "click books my friends have to swap". Most of the books can be swapped.
Let's read more books and share them with others... See you at Goodreads!

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  1. well .. i don't have any account on "Goodreads" . yeah this is pretty good after that i can gather my books their. And thanks for giving me these cool ideas.

  2. Wauahhhh blum punya account nih :( Tapi ntar dech besok dateng lebih pagi dan NYOBA ^_* Oke dech... thanks ya??? dapat tambahan INFO lagi dari mas Aroeng, btw met puasa mas...

  3. Wow it's a brilliant idea. I've got tons of books, in fact, most of the boxes I took when moved to Scotland were books and magazines, nothing valuable (although my mover wasn't pleased, expecting something 'more' like oak cabinet or something like that). And our house couldn't accommodate my collection. Every week I buy at least 2 books and now with the boxes in the loft plus new collection, I'm going to lose the battle! So goodreads sounds a good idea. You're a star, mas, always come up with some brilliant idea. Thanks!

    PS: love your new comment form.

  4. Wow it's a brilliant idea. I've got tons of books

  5. I buy at least 2 books and now with the boxes in the loft plus new collection, I'm going to lose the battle!

  6. Excellent!! I'm going to see how many books I have in the bookshelve and I may be able to share or give some of them. Thanks for the tip!!

  7. ya kalo mau bagi2 buku sih gapapa oomm.. bagus malah..


    membaca buku lama itu kan hukumnya wajib biar bisa tidur.. intinya sih kalo soal buku.. GAK RELAAAAAAAA...

    wah.. ni rak buku besok musti dirantein anjing nih.. biar aman.


  8. noer: dah nyobain blom...:) ?
    Finally Woken: wow, thanks jeng :), add me when you've opened yours...

    shamien: ha...ha...., ntar kalau ada yang mau digantiin deh. nah ntu buku "the rule of four" sampai skarang juga keknya blum dibaca deh... :D

  9. Thanks, Very interesting read, you should be proud of your blog.

    Your website is very nicely designed, I have already bookmarked it.

  10. No wonder I met you in goodreads. Anyway, that's really a good idea

  11. kita udah friends ya kan Mas, di goodreads! :D
    Ntar deh pas aku udah pulang ke JKt (masih tarsok), baru bisa ikutan game nya pakdhe ini.. :P

  12. My favourite book is Freakonomics full of thrill; revealing mysteries and excellence.

  13. I, too, books that simply linger on my shelves after I've read them; i'm not the type to re-read books. So, I decided to take a stack of them to work one day and just pile them in the employee lounge with a note stating, "Read and Return".

    Over time, people started bringing in their own books and the pile became our own office library.

  14. I am kinda leaning towards donating them to a worthy cause or institution. I should probably sell them to recoup some of the costs, but that probably won't leave the same "warm & fuzzy" feeling that donating them would :D

  15. Thanks for the info and will try Mas.
    But how if I don't want to swap some of my book and how if that person not in our city or country ?

    Hehehehe, I love my book, I don't care if I don't have the latest dress or shoes, as long as I still can have money to buy a book, then it's fine with me.

    And it applies to both of my daughters, every week or at least every 2 weeks, they always ask me to go to Gramedia or Kinokuniya.

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  17. Well,thank you for sharing.Exchanging books is a good idea.But usually,I prefer not to do that because I have lost several of books.Any way, I like reading books before I fall asleep. Love and romantic stories are sweet.

  18. wah belom register neh....tapi ini merupakan info yang bagus buat saya jadi tau

  19. nice post friend :D mampir balik yach :D

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