Friday, January 13, 2017

Above The Clouds

It starts with an electrical spark inside the grey substance of the head that gives a birth of an idea. It maybe triggered by observing or sensing the surroundings, reading and interpreting the omens, contemplating and activating the mihes (the mind, the heart and the soul). Pick things from the past, blend them with endless possibilities of the future, and come up with a solid purpose, or a Personal Legend in Paulo Coelho's words.

That sense of a purpose, and the determination of the inner will to achieve it albeit the hardships that faithfully follow, change the way people behave towards self and others. People will then see things differently. We will be willing to do anything, even things that we really don't like, as long as they help us to achieve our purpose. The will brings the skills.

I have a simple short-term easy example. I always choose aisle seat whenever I'm travelling in an airplane, as I do not want to bother people when I want to go to the toilet. I've been practicing it for more than 24 years, until last week, when an electrical spark gave a birth of an idea of taking pictures of clouds from high above. Hence, I took a window seat with a camera ready on my hands.

Here are the results.

The sea of clouds that looked like a flat white carpets.

As the sun descending to the horizon, the color of the clouds changed beautifully.


  1. Wow... this is deep. But really like it. 24 years sacrifice of sitting on the aisle shouldn't go unnoticed. Nice pic, btw!

  2. @dinysays: the sky is always clear above the clouds, but the clear sky gets its value only because the clouds exist...
    thanks fr stopping by jeng.

  3. We've probably seen it couple of times and it becomes 'just usual'. But when we capture it, look into it, we can see that the usual becomes unusual, interesting, even maybe see something new. I can see the orange clouds looks like a desert...

  4. @Nurul: i'm in an agreement with u nduk; what was previously so special can became pale and bleak in just a few weeks, until one day when we can recognize again the beauty of it.

  5. These are lovely pictures! looking at clouds always never fail to mesmerize me, they are like fluffy cotton the way, the 2nd and 3rd pictures look like the seems like you're riding a ship instead of an airplane.. :)