Saturday, August 16, 2008

Days of Independence

Independence Days exist because of the existence of colonialism, imperialism, territorial and natural resource greediness, all of their evil siblings, and above all: injustices. Independence is certainly not the ultimate goal, but without it no ultimate goals can be achieved.

Sixty three years after Soekarno reading the declaration of independence, Indonesians are still struggling to be the masters of their own lands, to enjoy more of their continuously shrinkage natural resources, to get clean water and good education, to fight corruption. It’s a reflection time and how to move forward. Meanwhile, let’s just make a wish: "Dirgahayu Indonesia Raya!!!"

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  1. Thanks for the video.

    The old photos are nice to see.

    I REALLY miss Soekarno, even with all his faults.

  2. hmm, thanks for this video pakdhe. those are nice to remind us of that moment.

  3. Nice video! Hopefully Indonesia would still be my 'tempat berlindung di hari tua, sampai akhir menutup mata' and hopefully we all contribute to that. Merdeka!

  4. Selamat hari merdeka mas Bambang... Belated! :)

  5. Good memorable videos. I really like this pictures. thanks for sharing

  6. Ramya2:09 AM

    Nice pictures. Jaihind! thanks.

  7. Makasih Mas tuk videonya :P btw ikutan lomba apa aja nih dalam rangka memeriahkan HUT RI??? Riza MENANG lomba mewarnai Pakdhe... ^o^

  8. These pictures are amazing
    thanks for keeping us up to date with these type of events

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  9. nice video. The start was good with those rare photos..

  10. ulratupai: he's a great man, even with all of his shortcomings.

    silly: menang lomba krupuk kah nduk?
    Noonathome: smoga nduk, namun "hidup selalu berubah, lewat pasang-surut Kalimas...". kek lagunya leo kristi, he...he...

    nadia febina: Merdeka jeng! Kapan mulih

    Lands, Ramya: thanks to the film editor :)

    noer: cuma nyumbang main musik di TIM saja nduk, malam tgl 17, sampai lewat tengah malam. Wow, Riza keren deh, smoga kalau dah gede kek Afandi...

    Dissertation writing help, Bouncer: good luck ...:)

  11. Merdeka Mas! walau telat mengucapkannya, semoga kita lebih merdeka dalam segala bidang

  12. What a song... Just listening to it makes me want to cry. Memory....

  13. Although I'm not from Indonesia, I have some friends overthere and is really encouraging how they try their best to improve as persons no matter what difficulties they experience in life.

  14. nice video, Soekarno is symbol of my life he is like my father